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What is Info Check?

Info Check is a listings enhancement for the HDD Broker websites.

Info Check provides a checklist for each listing that shows how comprehensive the information within a listing is. Website users are now able to search and sort listings by their Info Check rating.

This new system will help to increase buyer confidence and motivate sellers to provide even more information about their equipment.

How are these listings different from regular ones?

Info Check ratings are applicable to all listings. As additional information is added to a listing, its Info Check rating will increase. The higher the rating, the more comprehensive the listing and the further up it will appear in certain search results on the website.

What key things do you guys look for in the Info Check Programme?

There are eight categories of Info Check ratings and they are:

  • Complete Description
  • Detailed Photos
  • Video
  • Complete Serial Numbers
  • Inspection Reports
  • Lien Disclosures
  • Titles
  • Service and/or Work History


What qualifies as a Complete Description?

A checkmark is awarded if the description includes a complete list of all components offered for sale including year, make, model and hours along with tallies of all included parts, tooling, pipe, etc.


What sort of things will there be pictures of?

A listing with this category checked off will have at least 10 high resolution photos. The photos will include overall shots of the equipment, photos of areas of typical wear as well as photos of the other package contents.

These photos don't look like they're very high resolution. Can I get better photos of these listings?

Absolutely! You can contact our sales department for high resolution photos of any of our listings along with additional information.


What kind of video will be in the listings with the video box checked off?

The video will include footage of the equipment running and operating its basic functions.

Serial Numbers

This listing has the SN# box checked off, but I can't see the SN# anywhere in the listing. What's up?

Serial number information is held on file at our offices for use in invoicing equipment when it sells. Any questions that you have pertaining to model series, year of manufacture, etc can be answered by our friendly sales staff!

Why wouldn't all listings have SN#'s?

Most pieces of equipment will typically come with a serial number of some sort. Some exceptions include tooling, certain home built pieces of equipment and certain small trailers in some states.


Who is filling out these inspection reports?

HDD Broker highly recommends that equipment inspection be carried out by a qualified mechanic from an independent third party company. These inspections carry the most value for potential buyers. However, in the case where the services of a third party company are not available or are not cost-effective, there may be a condition report that has come directly from the seller, provided it was carried out by a qualified mechanic. The inspection reports for these listings will be flagged with a disclaimer informing potential buyers of the fact that the seller supplied the inspection report.

If a listing doesn't have an inspection report on file, can I still have it inspected?

Absolutely! Buyers are always welcome to personally inspect the equipment or have us arrange for an independent assessment. Typically these independent inspections are carried out at the buyer's expense. Consider them an insurance policy against your equipment purchase. Inspection reports from equipment dealerships typically range from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand depending on whether it can be brought to the dealership or whether they need to send a technician out to the seller's facility.

So, the listing has a nice, clean inspection report. That means that it's guaranteed to be in perfect condition, right?

No. Unfortunately the third party inspectors include waivers of liability. They do their absolute best to provide comprehensive inspections of the equipment, however there are things that they can miss. Inspection reports are not foolproof, and having one in hand does not guarantee equipment condition. The best inspection is always one where you are there assessing the things that are important to you.

Liens and Loans

Should I be concerned there is a lien on this particular piece of equipment?

In most cases, this is a perfectly normal thing. It's not often that companies elect to pay for an expensive piece of equipment with cash, and loans or leases are very common. Proper due diligence is always imperative and we have several resources available that will allow you to conduct an independent search for liens against the equipment or the seller.

Does the lien apply to one item or all items in this package?

Most liens pertain to certain pieces of equipment, however there are liens such as "blanket liens" that apply to all of the possessions or resources of a certain company or individual. Again, due diligence is critical and we highly recommend in depth research by a qualified third party in order to ensure you won't have issues.

Does the fact that the lien box is checked mean that the equipment is 100% free and clear?

No, not necessarily. It simply means that the seller has signed a declaration as to whether the equipment is free and clear or whether there is a debt to clear up prior to sale. Bear in mind that even if a seller has declared the equipment to be free and clear, HDD Broker highly recommends that any potential buyer make the investment to have an independent company research the equipment and seller to make sure.


What types of equipment will have titles?

The most common types of equipment include trucks, trailers, and all other vehicles or equipment that travel on public roads.


Are service records the same as inspection reports?

No. Service records are simply the seller's records of the work that has been done to the machine. They do not provide an assessment of the equipment's current condition or a list of necessary repairs. HDD Broker always highly recommends that an independent inspection be carried out prior to purchase.

There is a repair estimate uploaded to the listing. Why?

Repair estimates are always welcome, but are not considered service or work history and they are not considered inspection reports. Having said that, they are a great piece of information to pass along to a potential buyer that will undoubtedly help with them feeling more comfortable about the actual condition of the equipment.

Additional Questions

Why do some listings have only a couple of checkmarks and yet show up with an Info Check rating that's higher than that?

Some listings will have certain categories of Info Check that don't apply to them. For example, tooling does not have titles, and most people would not require a lien disclosure for a backreamer. In those cases, even though the listing does not have those components of Info Check in the listing, it will not be penalized with an "X", instead getting a "not applicable" flag in our system which will count as a check as it pertains to its Info Check rating.

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